NCIAVHR Holds a Panel Discussion on World Children’s Day

NCIAVHR Holds a Panel Discussion on World Children’s Day

Aden | November 20, 2023

The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations of Human Rights (NCIAVHR), on World Children’s Day, celebrated annually on November 20, held a panel discussion on the role of committees, governmental institutions, and civil society organizations in protecting children’s rights in Yemen.

The event, held in the interim capital Aden, was attended by 40 representatives from governmental institutions such as the Ministries of Justice and Human Rights, the Office of the Attorney General, and representatives from local and international civil society organizations.

In the opening remarks, Judge Ahmed Al-Maflahi, the Commission’s Chairman, highlighted the types of violations affecting children’s rights in Yemen, which have been documented by the Commission’s field teams in all governorates.

Judge Al-Maflahi pointed out that during its mission, the Commission documented (3697) incidents of killing and maiming of children, (503) incidents of abduction, (909) incidents of child recruitment, (28) incidents of sexual violence against children, and (106) attacks on schools and hospitals.

Dr. Diaa Mahirz, a member of the Commission, presented a paper discussing the efforts of the Commission in monitoring violations against children and its vision for enhancing child protection rights in Yemen.

In the second session, Mr. Nabil Abdulhafiz, Deputy Minister of Legal Affairs and Human Rights, presented a working paper on the patterns of serious violations committed against children during armed conflicts and the ministry’s efforts to mitigate them.

Judge Abdul Karim Ba’abad from the Ministry of Justice presented a third working paper evaluating the effectiveness of legal protection for children under Yemeni law and holding violators accountable.

The Human Rights Department at the Office of the Attorney General, represented by Judge Ali Mabrouk, presented a paper reviewing legal protection for children under Yemeni law and relevant international agreements.

The civil society segment, presented by Ms. Dua Mahdi from the Seyaj Organization for Child Protection, focused on the reality of children’s rights and their protection amidst armed conflict in Yemen.

Dr. Mohammed Jameel, an international law professor at the University of Aden, and Ms. Ramisaa Yaqoub, an activist for youth and people with special needs, also made contributions to the child rights protection aspect. The attendees enriched the event with important discussions and inquiries aimed at strengthening children’s rights and ensuring their protection from violations.


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