NCIAVHR Meets with CSOs in Shabwa

NCIAVHR Meets with CSOs in Shabwa

Shabwa | June 10, 2024

The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations of Human Rights (NCIAVHR) recently met with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), human rights institutions, and activists involved in monitoring and documenting human rights violations in Shabwa Governorate.

In attendance were (23) representatives from civil society. Judge Dr. Diya Muhairz, a member of the Commission, discussed the Commission’s recent achievements in monitoring and documenting human rights violations. Ms. Muhairz also outlined the Commission’s future vision to reach all victims across all governorates and document violations to ensure they receive justice and reparation.

Judge Muhairz emphasized the important roles that civil society organizations play in supporting local communities’ ability to protect and promote human rights. These roles include gathering information, reporting violations, studying behavior patterns, identifying causes, and proposing potential solutions to address these violations. Additionally, these organizations provide other services to victims that help mitigate the impacts of the violations.

Another member of the Commission, Judge Jihad Abdulrasoul, presented the results of the Commission’s field visit to Shabwa Governorate, which included the central prison and detention centers at the Criminal Investigation Department and the Police of Ataq District.

Ms. Abdulrasoul emphasized the importance of raising victims’ awareness about the necessity of reporting the violations they have experienced through various channels provided by the Commission, whether by visiting its offices, meeting with its field teams across all governorates, or using available online means.

The meeting concluded with setting the main parameters to activate mechanisms of cooperation between the Commission and civil society organizations. This cooperation aims to enhance the reporting and referral of violations to the Commission, thereby promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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