ICRC Holds a Training Workshop for NCIAVHR’s Technical Staff

ICRC Holds a Training Workshop for NCIAVHR’s Technical Staff

Aden | December 11, 2023

The Yemen office of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) organized a training workshop, today, for the administrative and technical staff of the National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations of Human Rights (NCIAVHR) on the protection of civilians under international humanitarian law.

The training workshop, opened by the head of the ICRC mission in Aden, Mr. Jan Buchli, and the Chairman of the Commission, Judge Ahmed Al-Maflehi, addressed the scope of application of international humanitarian law, its relationship with international human rights law and international criminal law.

The workshop, held by the joint coordination between the two parties and presented by the legal team and the protection department of the International Committee, also covered the principles of distinction, proportionality, caution, and protected persons and objects under international humanitarian law.

25 administrative and technical employees working in monitoring, investigation, archiving, media, public relations, and information technology departments at the headquarters of the Commission participated in the training workshop.


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