NCIAVHR Reviews Inmates Conditions of the Military Intelligence Prison in Taiz

NCIAVHR Reviews Inmates Conditions of the Military Intelligence Prison in Taiz

Tuesday, October11, 2022

Today, Tuesday, the team of the National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights (“NCIAVHR”) visited the Military Intelligence Prison in Taiz Governorate.

The Commission member, Judge Ishraq al-Maqtari, and field researchers listened to the responses of the Intelligence Department and the prison director to the Commission’s inquiries and memoranda about the conditions and fate of the cases under investigation by the Commission, and verify cases of enforced disappearance.

The Commission’s team also inspected the wards and detention rooms in which more than (110) detainees are held, most of whom are detained for participation in the war, and ensure that the various humanitarian requirements are available, including capacity, ventilation, hygiene, and the amount of food and blankets.

The team examined the humanitarian situation of the facility’s inmates. This category falls within the interest and care of international humanitarian law. The team also learned about the efforts made by the administration to provide care and protection for them, especially the right to humane treatment and communication with their families.

During the visit, some interviews were conducted with a number of inmates to listened to their legal status and periods of detention, and record their most important demands, most of which focused on activating the exchange process between detainees, their release and their return to their governorates and families.

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