A press release of NCIVHR’s Work in May 2022

A press release of NCIVHR’s Work in May 2022

As a commitment of the National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights (NCIAVHR) to inform local, regional and international public opinion about its work in the field of documentation and investigation of human rights violations, it presents in this monthly statement a summary of the most significant progress made in May 2022.

During the past month, the Commission completed the investigation of (222) violations related to international humanitarian law and international human rights law committed in previous periods, resulting in (263) victims.
The incidents included (65) cases of killing and wounding civilians, in which (92) were killed and injured, including (17) children and (3) women, in different governorates. The Commission also documented the fall of (23) civilian casualties due to the explosion of mines and explosive devices, including (3) children and (1) woman.

During the same period, the Commission succeeded in investigating the arbitrary arrest of (49) citizens and recorded the recruitment of (10) children, in addition to documenting (53) incidents of assault on medical staff, damage and looting of private and public objects, schools and educational institutes.

In completion of the investigation process into a number of incidents, the Commission has sent a number of memoranda to the security and military authorities to find out the internal accountability procedures for the actions of its members and to provide justice for those affected by these practices.

Within the framework of field investigations into the incidents that took place in a number of governorates despite the entry into force of the humanitarian two-month truce announced by the United Nations through its envoy to Yemen and the approval of all parties in early April, the Commission’s field team visited to a number of affected areas.

The field visit program included Hajar area in Al-Dhalea city, Al-Sa’ilah village areas in Saber Al-Mawadim district, Al-Ardi, Kalaba, Bareed Al-Rawda, Al-Rajm and Al-Sharaf villages in the districts of Cairo and Salh in Taiz governorate, which were targeted with projectiles that led to (23) casualties.

During the visit, the locations and directions of the projectiles were inspected, the remaining fragments were examined, and the testimonies of witnesses and the injured victims were heard.

During the month of May, the Commission held a number of meetings with representatives of international and local CSOs working in the field of human rights promotion and protection, in which field information on the violations was exchanged, and a group of sniper and shelling victims were referred to centres and organizations working in the health and psychological aspects.

In its observations on the implementation of the truce, the Commission sees the continuation of sniping and shelling operations on the neighbourhoods and villages of Taiz governorate, and the great laxity in implementing the clause on opening main roads and crossings and lifting the siege on the city of Taiz and all governorates.

In this explanatory press release, the Commission renews its call to all parties to stop all violations against persons and civilian objects, and practices of looting and looting of property, to respect the freedoms of citizens without any discrimination, and to achieve the desired benefit from the humanitarian truce.

The Commission also calls on the UN envoy to Yemen to play his role in condemning the violations committed against citizens and placing the issue of human rights among the priorities of any peace talks sponsored by the United Nations.
Issued by: the National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights (NCIAVHR)
Aden, Thursday, 02 June 2022

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