Press Release on NCIAVHR Activities for March 2024

Press Release on NCIAVHR Activities for March 2024

In an ongoing commitment to keep stakeholders engaged and informed about human rights issues in Yemen, the National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations of Human Rights (NCIAVHR) continues its transparent reporting through monthly press releases on its progress in reaching victims, documenting violations, and conducting investigations into breaches committed by all parties involved.

In March 2024, the Commission completed the documentation and investigation of 281 incidents of violations occurring at different times related to international humanitarian law and human rights law, resulting in 415 victims. This includes 58 incidents of killing and injuring civilians, with 61 victims between dead and wounded, including 11 children and 4 women in various governorates.

The Commission has also documented 90 incidents of arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearance, in addition to 11 incidents of extrajudicial killing, 69 incidents of attacks on private property, and 23 incidents of forced displacement. It also investigated 23 incidents of forced displacement and 6 incidents of attacks on schools and medical facilities.

As part of its field investigation, the Commission’s monitors conducted field visits to the districts of Hays and Al-Durayhimi in Al Hudaydah, the districts of Sala, Jabal Habashi, Mawza, Al-Mokha, and Maqbana in Taiz, the city of Rada’a in Al Bayda, IDP camps in Marib, and several front-line areas in Lahj and Dhale governorates. During these visits, they met with victims of violations and eyewitnesses, listening to and documenting their testimonies.

The Commission highlights in its report the documentation of a house bombing incident in Al-Hafra village, Rada’a city, Al Bayda governorate, which led to the destruction of 7 homes and partial destruction of another 7 homes and businesses, killing 9 civilians, including one child and 3 women, and injuring another 9, including 3 children and 3 women.

Furthermore, the Commission documented an incident where a neighboring house was targeted with a projectile moments after the explosion, resulting in the death and injury of 5 civilians from one family, including 4 children, while investigations into the incident continue.

The Commission also documented 11 incidents of landmine planting, resulting in 13 victims, including a child.

Coinciding with the International Day for Mine Awareness, the Commission reaffirms its dedication to conducting thorough investigations into all allegations of violations experienced by Yemenis due to landmines, identifying the perpetrators to prepare them for judicial proceedings and accountability.

The Commission also urges the international community to exert more pressure on those involved in planting mines in populated areas, to immediately stop such actions, respect international humanitarian law, and disclose mine maps to save civilian lives.

In its dedication to engaging with international human rights entities, the Commission discussed recent violations on Yemeni soil with the International Sanctions Committee’s team of the Security Council in its interim capital, Aden office last March. These violations include the recruitment of children and women, denial of education to students, and civilian suffering in conflict zones due to sniping, landmines, and intermittent clashes.

In conclusion, the Commission renews its call to all parties to immediately cease all acts of violence against individuals, and assaults on property, and to respect the freedoms of all citizens without any discrimination.

Issued by:
The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations of Human Rights (NCIAVHR)
Aden, Thursday, April 4, 2024

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