NCIAVHR Meets with Victims with Disabilities

NCIAVHR Meets with Victims with Disabilities

Aden | December 3, 2023

The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations of Human Rights (NCIAVHR) today met with several disabled victims in the interim capital of Aden, coinciding with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which falls on December 3 of every year.

During the meeting, Commission member Dr. Diaa Mahirz listened to live testimonies from victims who were disabled as a result of landmines and indiscriminate shelling, resulting in amputations and disfigurement, and permanent physical and mental disabilities.

The hearing shed light on the serious violations of human rights suffered by the victims, affecting their basic rights guaranteed by national legislation and international agreements, and resulting in physical and mental disabilities as a result of targeting civilians during the armed conflict in Yemen.

The physical damage suffered by the victims, the extent and percentage of disabilities they suffered, and the impact of these disabilities on their normal lives was also examined as part of the mission of the Commission for Monitoring, Documentation and Investigation of Human Rights Violations to prosecute perpetrators and compensate victims for the material, social and psychological damage they suffered.

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