NCIAVHR Meets Marib Appeals Court Chief and Visits Four Security Areas

NCIAVHR Meets Marib Appeals Court Chief and Visits Four Security Areas

Marib | June 6, 2024

Today, members of the National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations of Human Rights (NCIAVHR) met with Judge Mohammed Qaed Hamidan, the Chief Judge of the Marib Appeals Court, to discuss the findings from the Commission’s visits to prisons and the status of detainees with cases pending before the court.

During the meeting, Judge Hamidan welcomed the Commission members and explained that the judiciary in Marib Governorate is making every effort to achieve swift justice, ensuring the application of the law and the protection of human rights, despite the shortage of judicial staff and limited resources. He highlighted the increased number of cases due to the population growth in the governorate.

In a related field effort, the Commission team visited four security areas in Marib Governorate and the Military Security Division. The team inspected detention rooms, listened to several detainees with various charges, assessed their legal status, and evaluated the extent to which their rights are upheld according to international standards and national laws. They also collaborated with the authorities to prevent violations and improve detention conditions.

The visits were attended by the Chief Prosecutor of the Marib Appeals Court, Judge Aref Al-Makhlafi; the Director of the Military Security Division, Brigadier General Abdullah Al-Yamani; the Director of the First Security Area, Major Abdulrahman Shubein; the Director of the Second Security Area, Colonel Abdulwali Al-Yaari; the Director of the Third Security Area, Major Ibrahim Ghilaan; and the Director of the Fourth Security Area, Major Abdulkarim Shubein.

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