Aden: The International Sanctions Panel of Experts Visits NCIAVHR

Aden: The International Sanctions Panel of Experts Visits NCIAVHR

Thursday, August 03, 2023

On Thursday, the Sanctions Committee Panel of Experts of the UN Security Council visited the National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations of Human Rights (NCIAVHR), in the interim capital, Aden.

The UN Panel of Experts discussed with the Commission’s Chairman and members, in an extensive meeting, means of cooperation between the two sides, exchange of information, and ongoing communication and cooperation on a number of important issues related to Yemen.

In the meeting, the Commission Chairman, Judge Ahmed Al-Maflahi, welcomed the visiting UN delegation, indicating that the Commission is producing its eleventh report, currently at the final stage of the drafting process, to be released in the coming weeks.

In its second meeting with the Commission in 2023, the Panel of Experts raised several questions about some of the violations that the Commission investigated, which will be included in the report of the Panel to be launched next December.

The Panel of Experts also informed the Chairman and members of the Commission of its need for a set of information related to its mission, whether with regard to human rights or other topics covered by their mandate, and the Commission expressed its interest to provide the necessary information to the UN team.

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