Aden: NCIAVHR Holds Periodic Meeting with Field Monitors

Aden: NCIAVHR Holds Periodic Meeting with Field Monitors

Sunday, July 30, 2023

The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations of Human Rights (NCIAVHR) held the periodic meeting with its field monitors coming from all Yemeni governorates in the interim capital, Aden.

At the opening, the Chairman of the Commission, Judge Ahmed Al-Maflahi, welcomed the field monitors participating in the meeting, hoping that the meeting and the preceding training program in the Jordanian capital, Amman, would achieve wide benefit and be reflected in the monitoring process in the field.

The meeting will include a training workshop presented by Dr. Mohammed Jamil Naji, an expert and professor specializing in public international law, and a member of the Commission, Dr. Dhia Muhairez. It will also address several topics, customized presentations, and performance evaluation.

The in-depth meeting, which comes as a continuation of the successive periodic meetings, with the participation of 40 field monitors, for six days, will discuss the difficulties facing fact-finding work and ways to address them.

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