National Commission of Inquiry Conducts Field Visits to Lahj Governorate


National Commission of Inquiry Conducts Field Visits to Lahj Governorate

Lahj, Thursday, 13 June 2019

The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights Thursday continued its field visits to a number of prisons and scenes of violations in Lahj governorate.

During the visit, two members of the Commission, Judge Sabah Al-Alwani and Judge Jehad Abdul-Rasool, met with Mr. Mohammed Abdul-Qadir, the director of the prison located in the Factory of Iron Industry. The Commission listened to Mr. Abdul-Qadir’s explanation of the prison conditions and the mutual coordination between them and the prosecution, and then interviewed some prisoners.

The Commission was briefed on the effects of heavy damage to the two factories of iron and battery industries and a number of houses and establishments that were bombed in Al-Wahat area.

Earlier this week, the Commission met with the Chief Appellate Prosecutor and the director of the Central Prison in Lahj governorate, visited a number of prisons and listened to prisoners who talked about their conditions and the treatment they receive.

The Commission members were accompanied by the prisons deputy prosecutor, Judge Adnan Jame’a, and the deputy prosecutor of Tur Al-Baha district Judge Abdul-Khaleq Qasim, and the Commission’s monitors Abdul-Samad Zeid and Jamal Abdul-Manan.

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