The National Commission of Inquiry Visits Abyan Central Prison

The National Commission of Inquiry Visits Abyan Central Prison

Aden, Sunday, 16 June 2019

On Sunday, the National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights carried out a new field visit to Abyan governorate, during which the Commission visited Abyan Central Prison and Appellate Prosecution.

The visit was conducted by two members of the Commission, Judge Sabah Al-Alwani, and Prof. Ghaleb Al-Quaiti. Both members were informed of the conditions of male and female prisoners in Abyan Central Prison and learned to what extent prisoners enjoy their rights guaranteed by national and international laws and the nature of treatment they receive.

The Commission’s team also met with the Chief of Abyan Appellate Prosecutor Judge Abu Bakr Al-Shuqaa who provided an explanation of the nature of the cases received and the difficulties and challenges facing the prosecution in carrying out its mandate. Judge Al-Shuqaa indicated one of the most significant challenges represented in the failure to execute the Attorney General’s orders, weak coordination between intergovernmental agencies, not to mention conflict of interest of multiple investigative bodies.

In the same context, the Commission team met with the security deputy director and visited a number of public facilities, houses and properties that have been damaged and destroyed during the past period. The team was further informed of the extent of destruction that took place in these structures.

Commission members were accompanied by deputy prosecutor of Abyan Prisons Prosecution Judge Fahmi Al-Hamoumi, the Commission’s assistant investigator Judge Mohammed Morshed, and the Commission’s monitors of Abyan, Mr. Morsi Ahmad and Mr. Nasser Zyadah.

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