Yemen’s National Commission of Inquiry Celebrates the 40th Day after the death of Martyr Reham Al-Bader

Yemen’s National Commission of Inquiry Celebrates the 40th Day after the death of Martyr Reham Al-Bader

Aden, 21 March 2018

The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights celebrated the memory of the martyr Reham Al-Bader, one of the Commission field monitors, who was killed while monitoring human rights violations against civilians in Taiz.

The eulogy with the motto “The full moon that never fails to appear and the flame that never extinguished” began verses of the Holy Quran, then a speech delivered by the Commission’s Chairman, Judge Ahmad Al-Maflehi, who offered his sincere condolence to the family and friends of the martyr Reham, and encouraged human rights defenders and workers to carry on Reham’s message and others who sacrificed their lives as a price to monitor violations and advocate for victims.

Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar, President of the Supreme Court, in his speech, praised the greatness of the ideals of the martyr Al-Bader, who has been helping the oppressed and loyal to her homeland and rejecting injustice. In a speech delivered on behalf of civil society organizations, Ms. Maha Awad, the head of Wejoud organization and Ms. Fatima Al-Moraysi, head of the Yemen Women’s Union, Aden Branch, revealed Al-Bader’s outstanding traits in monitoring the pain of war and the defense of human rights. They added that Al-Bader was part of the actual roles of women during war which barbarically claimed the lives of young men and women of Yemen. Moreover, a speech delivered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) appreciated the roles of martyr Al-Bader and the rare model she presented about Yemeni women close to people in the conditions of war.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Domyni delivered a speech about the martyr’s friends in the field and the humanitarian work where he mentioned a number of courageous stands by the martyr Al-Bader since 2004 until her death. Al-Bader was honored by the National Commission’s shield which was delivered by the Commission chairman to the martyr’s mother. Al-Bader mother thanked the National Commission for the Commission acknowledgment and occasion. She called on all attendees to continue the message of her daughter, martyr Al-Bader, who was pride to serve people and Yemen first and her family and Taiz second. The event ended with a documentary video of the march of martyr Al-Bader in monitoring and humanitarian work.

The event was attended by a large number of officials, academics, state leaders, international and local organizations, media, human rights defenders and relief and humanitarian workers.