Yemen’s National Commission of Inquiry Meets Tahama Region Governors

Yemen’s National Commission of Inquiry Meets Tahama Region Governors

Marib, 1 January 2018

Members of the National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights in Marib today held a meeting with Al-Mahweet governor Dr. Saleh Simea, Hajjah governor Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Al-Sinani, Raymah governor Mr. Mohammad Al-Houri, Hodeidah deputy governor Mr. Walid Al-Qadmi, and Hajjah deputy governor Sheikh Nasser Da’qeen, in addition to a number of lawyers and human rights activists.

At the beginning of the meeting, Judge Mutahar Al-Fayeq, provided a summary introduction of the Commission’s establishment and its working mechanisms to monitor, document and investigate all violations by all parties. He confirmed the availability of the Committee’s monitors in all Yemeni governorates.

For his part, lawyer Hezam Al-Moraysi, a member of the Commission, said that the Commission is working with complete neutrality targeting all civilian victims regardless of the violator of their rights. Al-Moraysi then called on all attendees to contribute actively to the eradication of community illiteracy on rights and encouraged the role of local authority in this matter. Furthermore, Al-Moraysi praised the role of civil society organizations in this field.

In addition, the governors of Tahama Region welcomed the Commission team, stressing their support to the Commission to monitor and document human rights violations and their facilitation of the monitor’s access to victims.